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Declaratoria de Oviedo en inglés

With the presence of approximately one hundred of delegates from 15 countries of the International Network of Journalists with Vision Gender (Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela ) general assembly agreed:
The highest decision-making body of the International Network of Journalists with Vision Gender is the General Assembly that re conducted every two years.
1) Coordination of the International Network of Journalists With Vision of Gender
The Network will be coordinated by a graduated group comprising representatives of established networks: Network National Journalists of Mexico; PAR (Argentina Journalists Network- One Journalism Not Sexist) and the Network of Spanish State.
2) Activities of the Coordinating Network.
* Coordinate internal communication in the network along with the people who handled the virtual network
* Request resources for training and actions
* Ensure the exchange between all networks
* Run the mandate of the decisions and agreements in advance of the meeting (the assembly to be held every two years is the maximum instance decision of the International Network) and co-organizing the next meeting with the country designated as headquarters.
* Coordinate the various national and regional networks.
* Encourage more frequent meetings between the members of the networks.
* Promote networking in countries that are not yet structured.
* Promote and disseminate training courses, organizing international meetings and coordinate their contents.
* Ensure updating the memory of the International Network and its history.
* Find funding to create a website: forums, blog, wikis, calendar and documents.
* Be careful with the facts related to women's rights, gender rights, and human rights around the world to give an immediate response as the Network. In this regard, the participants (members of the list virtual) agree to respond within a short period, no more than 48 hours to the requirements of the Coordination and dissemination campaigns and communicated in their respective media.
* To have a coordination with those specifications, this group of people has to have a monetary reward. Over the next two years this country is committed to discussing the issue within their own networks, the next international meeting, stipulating: what will be the amount of the contribution and the most appropriate way to pay this money.
3) Directory members
The members of the International Network must have access to a list of all men and women and members of the network in each country. We want to know who we are, what countries are working, with a photo and brief biography of everybody. Each member of the network will decide if it wants to socialize your email.
4) Communication internal network (distribution lists and communication)
The journalists members of the International Network of Journalists with Vision of Gender recognize that to improve the intercom we seek better working mechanisms to communicate.
Coordinating the list Virtual Network shall be exercised by people from different countries to coordinating the international network.
People who coordinated the virtual list for the next two years are: Claudia Palma de Guatemala (Central); Marta Aguirre, Venezuela (South America); Susana Albarrán, Spain (Europe) and Tona Gusi of Catalonia ( Spanish State) (for Mediterranean Region: Europe-Asia-Africa).
It will continue to operate with the list of yahoo force so far, that from now should have the following characteristics:
* The messages must have " a subject " clear that whoever received them decide whether is revised or discarded.
* There will be no prior restraint on the list but post of sending messages: the moderating intervenes only when necessary to regulate participation.
* It will ensure that all persons in the network (whether national or regional) involved in the group, not only the delegates and participate in international meetings or who were in the original list of yahoo group created two years ago, after the First Meeting of the International Network of Journalists with Vision of Gender, held in Morelia, Mexico.
* People subscribed to the list will have the option to reject the sending of messages and in extremely cases unsubscribe from the same.
* It will seek to make more efficient use of technological tools for communicating.
* It will confined the use of the list to items related to the Network.
* It should specify in the message if the information contained there in may be republished in the media.
5) Creation of the website.
It is necessary to create a website of the International Network of Journalists with Vision of Gender than to know who we are and what we do.
We propose to create a Web as a means of internal communication and external where place spaces to the various inputs territorial, with the appropriate languages and the countries that make up the network with links to statistics from different nations comprising the same. There may be research papers from each region (local, national, and international). And it should have a computerized allowing carried out discussions among the different networks in virtual forums.
This website will become a tool outward visibility of the International Network of Journalists with Vision of Gender. It also will be a means of communication available only to the access and members using a password. The part that will have restricted access the directory of members, emergency data, data from national networks and defense of human rights.
The website also focus directions of pages that have developed the media and members of the Network.
The coordination of this site will consist of a graduated group to address the classification of items and regular updating. It is proposed that this work will be paid a fixed salary, which is obtained from the payment of fees and grants (could be one euro per member per month), and the search for resources from institutions and organisation members of the Network.
The responsible for creating and updating this site are: Julia Lopez and Rosa Pelayo (Spanish State) and Lorena Villafañe (Argentina).
6) Strengthening of the International Network of Journalists with Vision of Gender
To strengthen the Network it id propose:
* Promote the systematic implementation of the vision of gender.
* Achieving a clearer identity of the network, through the creation of a card, a logo and slogan through international competition.
* Define annually three items to be treat, dealing with open spaces connected with gender.
* Promote training through workshops (sessions and virtual) and discussion groups, with curriculum value to strengthen gender mainstreaming, the transmission of knowledge and theories dealing with a gender perspective in order to provide the best tools to communicate on women and society.
* Have directories of journalists experts to give training, and identifying sources of information.
* Exchange of awareness campaigns and training between networks, and with colleagues in the media, to ensure the publication of the campaigns in other spaces, in addition to himself.
* Develop a manual or glossary as a working tool for us same and new members of the Network.
* Holding regional meetings.
* Disseminate the commitments made during the development the second meeting of the International Network.
* Resume, at the next meeting, the subjects worked over the next two years, to deepen and see the remaining tasks.
* Create an award of the Network to track or work, each network will submit nominations and will be delivered at international meetings that meets Network.
* Exercise journalism with equal representation from the media.
* Promote ethics code where none exists, and there look to the political, from a gender perspective.
* Track information to detect which means stresses the information with a gender perspective and give an award ceremony in public, and to do so in worse shape. The recognition could take the form of G, gender, as a stamp or mark the implementation of good practice in both content and in the composition and equal treatment of their teams.
To promote the study and publication of the white paper of the journalistic profession (diagnosis of the problem of the journalistic exercise and possible solutions to problems, taking into account the specific problems of women journalists). Create a commission of the general indicators.
* Dissemination and review of the objectives and arrangements of Morelia, Mexico, where he conducted the First International Meeting of Journalists with Vision of Gender in November 2005.
* Expand knowledge of the networks, without fear to include more people.
* Develop partnerships among our peers (independent journalists, unions, guilds or groups) to share and pass on the task of the network, through exchanges of information.
* Increasing the number of media that we identify as the Network and award prizes to journalists that changed his vision of journalism to a journalism that is not sexist.
* Open more media, which include information from a gender perspective.
* Establishing close partnerships with women's movements and organizations related to the goal of publicizing its proposals and add more voices in the media.
7) Campaigns
Promote campaigns with the new professionals to join in the participation active on gender issues, so that they are active in training.
Members of the International Network with Vision of Gender we agree that we need to develop campaigns for visible social status of women, so we propose the following topics and dates flagship:
* Violence electronics.
* Violence against migrants, trafficking and sex tourism.
* State Violence: Denunciation of the missing In democracy. Role and status of women in the Armed conflicts.
* Fundamentalisms under the World Social Forum (January 28, 2008).
* Against women culture.
* Women pacifists.
* Transnational and its effects on women.
* Migration female migrants and immigrants display The faces of this scourge, which is in the Cities.
* Status of women in Africa and those that yet to achieve power in its entirety, for lack or opportunities in key positions.
* Water and seeds
* Day for freedom of expression. June 3. Working for freedom of expression, press and Communication. And treat the affect those areas most in need.
* International Women's Day. March 8.
* Human Rights Day. December 10.
* Day of the fight against AIDS. December 1.
* Day of women's health. May 28.
8) Close Encounter
The international meetings will be conducted every two years.
The next will take place in Colombia. The city is not decided yet.
9) Generals
The Network of Journalists with Vision of Gender claims that have been denied a visa to come to Spain to colleagues from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.
A team formed by columnist Montserrat Minobis (Spain); Peterson Gonzalez (Dominican Republic) and Maria Cobos (Spain) drafted a document of the Coordination of theNetwork that must submit to the embassies of Spain in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.
Professional associations of journalists from the Spanish State are committed to getting the same document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Spanish State.

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